Blue mountain consulting

Organisational Training and Development







     Andy  Busuttil


Present Position:           i.  Professional Development                                                                                                               Consultant:

ii. Principal engineer and owner

             Blue Mountain Sound


Formal Qualifications:

·  Master of Higher Education UNSW

   Core area: Professional Development.

· Bachelor of Science (Applied Psychology) (University of NSW)

· Diploma in Frontline Management: Australian School of Commerce and Management (ASCM)

· Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training (ASCM)


I have worked with many consultants over the years, especially in my role as a manager and senior professional development consultant. The ones that I have valued most have been those who respond intelligently to the organisation and its staff and those who don’t come armed with a belief system that others have to fit into.


Over the years there have been many organisational theories and approaches that have sprung up and in many instances been just as quickly displaced by something new. Keeping up with the proliferation of jargon has been taxing to say the least.


Approaches that work well are based upon sound principles. The approach I take is grounded in those principles. It is most important to ensure that, whatever labels are used, we have a common understanding of the processes that we are discussing. Labels can often be misleading and confusing and a basis for ‘blinding the other with science’. I believe that a ‘plain English’ approach is always best. This is the approach I take in both our initial discussions and planning process as well as in any follow-up service that I provide to you or your organisation.