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Organisational Training and Development

If you need any of the services that I offer Contact me for an appraisal. My initial appraisal, based on a face to face interview with you or your nominated staff member, and my first proposal will be provided to you without charge.

The services I offer are detailed on this page.



A Professional Staff and Organisational Consulting Service

Performing an accurate needs analysis is a critically important first step in any service that I offer.

I can also perform a detailed organisational needs analysis to help you identify areas that may need to be dealt with within your company, department or organisation.

1. Needs analysis:

There are times when working closely with an individual staff member is your best option. It may be that the staff member concerned is having difficulty adjusting to the work environment, working within their team or, alternatively, they are being displaced or redeployed.

If your staff members need vocational reorientation to help them find and settle into a new position either with your organization or elsewhere, my skills will be invaluable to you and them.

Once again, a rigorous analysis of your needs will give me the information required to map out a plan of action that will best serve all concerned.

2. Staff Consultancy

I can bring to you a set of skills that are well honed and at the same time broad.


I can free the leadership in your organization during planning sessions to focus on their contribution to the crucial gathering of data rather than concerning themselves with running the planning process itself.


3. Planning for the Future

What We Offer

4. Strengthen your Team


No single team development approach works with all teams. Each team is different and the membership of each team is hugely varied as is the case with any human system. An approach that is tailored to suit the orientation of your team is one that has a far higher chance of success.

5. Strengthen the Leadership Culture in Your Organisation


A strong leadership culture is one based on evaluation and development. Strong leaders are open to ways of improving their practice as well as accepting acknowledgement for their successes in the role. I am available to help you design a program to enhance the leadership culture in your organisation.