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These programs need to be specifically designed for your staff’s working environment, responsive to their needs and cognizant of their existing skills and knowledge. ‘Off the shelf’ programs, or a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not my way.

I depend upon an approach that is tailored to the Australian working community and not one that is faddist by nature or based on trendy psychologies.

I can offer your organisation a program in any of the following areas:

· Dealing with stress

· Recruitment and selection

· Staff profile planning

· Equal employment opportunity and compliance with the relevant legislation.

· Communication skills

· Teamwork

· Customer relations and service

These workshops can be a rich source of organisational information which can be reported, in general terms, to the leadership to help enhance and improve the organisational system, thus further supporting staff in their attempts to perform effectively.

To discuss these or other areas that you believe may be needed in your organization please contact me . Don’t forget that I am happy to meet with you for a free initial discussion to help us both to get a clear picture of what you need and the service/s that I can offer you.

6. Staff Workshops

Staff performance appraisal can often be the most difficult activity a manager or leader can undertake. Yet it doesn’t need to be. Performance appraisal is

· An opportunity for acknowledgement of achievements

· A time to align individual planning with business and strategic plans

· A time to design individual work plans that flex to environmental needs

· A time to evaluate sub-standard performance and to analyse its cause and

· A time to pick up valuable information about work units and departments that may need to be fed back into the work unit or organisation’s planning process.

In order to do these things, staff appraisal systems need to be well designed and at least informally endorsed and supported by the staff whose work will be governed by them. Clear information sessions on the purpose and outcomes of performance appraisal need to be provided to staff to heighten enthusiastic participation and allay concerns.

There will be times when you will want a union to be involved in negotiation for the establishment of a performance appraisal or review system.

For assistance with any of these or to have a preliminary meeting with me to determine your specific needs please contact me.

7. Performance Appraisal

For more information about this service:

E-mail me:

For more information about this service:

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